Hunting boots.  Snow boots.  Rubber boots.  Cowboy boots.  Steel-toe work boots.



I’ve always worn boots.  Oh, I’ve had various athletic shoes and loafers.  However, I’ve never worn them out.  They go out of style first.  And sandals?  You’ve got to be kidding!

Early on, it was Wellingtons and then cowboy boots.  Next, it was lace-up work boots.  As I am getting closer to my senior years, the lace-up steel-toe has been my choice of footwear.    Plain and simple, they protect my toes; sunup to sundown.  Unfortunately, I’ve kept my feet trapped in boots.  And that has led to my recent troubles; in-grown toenails and nail fungus.

After a visit with the podiatrist, an appointment was made to remove four toenails.  My big toenail and fifth toenail on each foot were going.  It was at this point that my wife said, “You need to buy a pair of Crocs.  You’ll need something comfortable to wear after this”.  I told her, “My work boots will be just fine”.  She responded that if she had to buy them afterwards, she would get frilly, pink ones.  I wasn’t concerned.

I was able to wear my boots after the appointment.  I also wore them the next day.  It was day three that my toes became swollen.  And my beloved work boots became very uncomfortable.  At this point one has to say, “Honey, you were right.  Come with me and I’ll buy a pair of Crocs”.

Tears were starting to trickle down my face.  I’m not sure if it was from the pain.  More likely, it was because I was about to break a vow:  “There was no way I was ever going to wear anything like Crocs”!  Now I was on my way to town.  And I was eager to buy a pair.  Luckily, I found camouflaged ones.

Oversized Crocs have allowed me to function the last few days.  They serve a purpose, even if the support and protection isn’t there for work and farm life.  The Crocs certainly let my feet breath better.  They have plenty of holes above the toes.

As I was doing chores tonight, I realized I need to take a different stance on Crocs.  Especially, when answering the call of nature.  It’s important to keep one’s socks dry.  Never had to worry about that with my trusty work boots…


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