Oh, how we love apples!




Apple slices.  Apple salad.  Apple slaw.  Apple salsa.  Apple chutney.  Apple kraut.  Apples candied.  Apples carameled.  Apple juice.  Apple cider.  Apple jelly.  Apple sauce.  Apple butter.  Apple butter fruit leather.  Apple baked.  Apple fried.  Apple bread.  Apple cake.  Apple dumplings.  Apple strudel.  Apple turnovers.  Apple fritters.  Apple crisp.  Apple pie.  Apple chips.  Apple pectin.  Apple cider vinegar.  And the list goes on…


What’s our favorite recipe?  Apple Scrap Sausage.


How do we make it?


We save our apple scraps in a pail.


There’s no need to wash or refrigerate them.


Next, we carry the pail a short distance.


We pour the apple scraps into…


The pig pen.  Wait 5 minutes.  Then just walk away.


Our apple-finished pork will be done in a couple weeks.



That’s All Folks…




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