It always amazes me how certain sights, sounds, or smells can trigger a memory of people, places, or events from many years ago.  Such was the case last night.  (First, I must say that I’m getting soft in my aging years, as I have allowed the dogs to spend their nights inside the house.)  We had just gone to bed, lights were out, and you could’ve heard a pin drop.  All of a sudden, there was a loud, crunching sound.  It was coming from the dog’s bed, which was at the foot of our bed.  It wasn’t a destructive crunch, but it sounded like the dog was chewing something that was very crisp.

The light switch was flipped and Shae peered over the side of the bed.  She found the dog munching on one of our freshly dug potatoes.




The dog had helped himself to the potato basket.  You wouldn’t believe how crunchy and noisy a crisp, raw potato can be.  And that was the trigger!  My mind instantly raced back in time; 40 years or so…

Growing up, my brother Daryl and I shared a bedroom.  There was a small closet in it that we used as a fort.  As with most young boys with forts, there has to be food involved.  As we were trying to go to sleep one night, we could hear a mouse munching on some forgotten crackers in our “fort”.  It’s amazing how noisy a little mouse and a cracker can be, all night long.

So, the next night, as we headed upstairs to bed, we had a piece of cheese with us.  We figured if that mouse was still hungry, he could eat something quiet.  That way, we could go to sleep like good, little boys are supposed to do.  After a couple of nights of feeding the mouse, Mom found out what we were doing.  The free lunch program came to a screeching halt.  Although the mouse did receive one more meal, it cost him his life.

Last night, as the dog continued to crunch his potato, I laid there thinking happy thoughts of a simpler time.  When I awoke this morning, there was no evidence of any left over potato.  But tonight, I may just put some marshmallows in the potato bin!


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