Pig Sow Lily making nest 2016 BARLEY DARTS


Pfft.  Pfft.  Mmmmornin’.  Pardon me, but I had my mouth full.  There now, that’s better.  My name is Lily.  I’m a four-year old pig.  I’m also a sow.  That means I’ve given birth to piglets.  So far, I’ve had three litters.  Right now, I’m nursing nine little ones; all at the same time.  When you arrived, I had just fed them and was bringing more hay to our nest.  It was time to tuck them in for a nap.  Yes, real life can be demanding.

In my spare time, I love to roam and eat in pastures.  I also love to eat hundreds of different garden veggies and alfalfa hay.  Oh, and I squeal for apples or boiled eggs, too.  Goodness, they’re tasty.  Most people think I’m a vegetarian or that I only want to eat corn.  Nope.  Like humans, I’m an omnivore.

Unfortunately, I can’t sweat like you do.  Hot temperatures are dangerous for me.  That’s why you’ll find me taking mud baths in the summer.  They help me to cool off and protect me from biting bugs.  It’s also why I enjoy fall and winter so much.  You’ll even find me out and about when it’s 20 below zero.  Speaking of which, it’s starting to get chilly around here.  We’ll probably have a few more weeks of fall.  Then Old Man Winter will strike.  But, I’m not worried.  I’ll just pack my shelter full of hay and then bury myself deep inside.

Oh, I almost forgot… See that thing that’s dangling under my chin?  That’s called a tassel or a wattle.  When animals have them, they usually have two; one on each side of their neck.  Mother Nature gives them to us for decoration.  It’s my bling!


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