Hello there.  I’m Rusty, the Paint.  This here’s Speedy on my left.  And Miss Daisy’s on my right.  We’re the only horses on the homestead, but there are lots of other critters.  So long as they keep to themselves, we don’t mind them.  Besides, the three of us have the big pasture, all to ourselves.  It gives us plenty of room to stretch our legs and kick up our heels.  I’ve heard it’s exciting to watch us run.  And if you’re standing close by, you may even feel us thunder past, too!

We really enjoy this time of year.  It’s cooler, the biting bugs are gone, and there are still greens to nibble.  But, it won’t be long before everything will be covered with lots of snow.  And if you don’t mind me saying, I think we’re in for a really cold winter, too.  It’s okay.  We’re used it.  Our winter coats are already growing.  They’ll become quite dense and thick.  For added warmth, we’ll eat extra hay and huddle together.  We’ll also use our windbreaks and shelter.  Even though winters here can be 20-40 below zero, we’re hearty animals.  Just think about our wild ancestors, on the wide-open prairies.

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