I’m a spider and I have a tale to spin.  At the tail end of my abdomen are my spinnerets.  I have at least two and some of my relatives have as many as eight.  These spinnerets use silk to form my webs.  I’m a skilled weaver and have all the tools I need.  The only measuring device I use is my own body.  I also make my own silk.  It requires a great deal of protein.  And I often recycle it by eating my used webs.

My silk is both flexible and strong.  In fact, it’s stronger than man-made steel (tensile strength).  So, humans have always been fascinated by my work.  Meanwhile, they’ve tried to use my silk, too.  Sure, it’s been used as artwork.  Humans also use it for telescopes and rifle scopes.  My silk becomes the extra-fine cross-hairs.  But, did you know that my webs have saved lives?  They can stop bleeding because they are loaded in vitamin K.  Spider webs were some of man’s first gauze pads.

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