On opening day, these fine does danced behind Keith in his tree stand, east of the shack where I was stationed.  I had a front row seat to their performance.  Eventually, they tip-toed their way into the river bottom, to the south.

About half an hour later, the trio reemerged stage right, on the west side of the shack.  They sashayed north at a cautious pace for their grand finale.  Suddenly, they all froze at precisely the same time.  Then they did a synchronized and abrupt about-face.  Together, they leaped, almost arm-in-arm, back into the river bottom.

It left me begging for more and I gave them a standing ovation.  Alas, there was no encore.  However, I plan to go back to watch them, again and again.  Nature’s shows are never boring and often breath taking.

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