We are thankful for this electric meat grinder.  It’s grinding meat from Keith’s elk.  Sure, it makes the job easier, but it’s also a special grinder.  No, it’s nothing high-tech or outrageously expensive.  It was my father’s grinder.  After he passed away, my mother gifted it to us.  She said that Dad would not be happy with her, if it just sat on a shelf.

Dad had bought this grinder new, when he retired and had only used it a couple of times.  Yet, Dad had ground domestic and wild-game meat for decades, by hand.  Of course, he was also an auto-mechanic that pulled engines solo.  Anyway, Mom said Dad had spent a lot of time seeking out the “perfect” one.  After all, he was particular about motors and parts.  When he purchased this one, she said that Dad was so proud of it.  And like us, he used it for it for beef, pork, and venison.  If only he’d known that one day, wild elk would also pass through it…

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