We are up early this morning.  Why?  It’s Black Friday and we found the most amazing deals.  So, we’re rushing from one place to another (from storage, to kitchen, to freezer).  We’re fighting over parking spaces (on kitchen counters).  We’re pushing and shoving (packages of meat onto shelves).  We even have knives.  Yes, blood may get spilled, but it’s a risk worth taking.  And, before the end of the day, our treasures will also be wrapped.  Yet, we will have never left home.

Instead of shopping, we will have processed three deer.  Nature’s gifts that we searched everywhere to find.  Nature’s gifts that we waited on for hours, out in the cold and wind.  Nature’s perfect gifts that keep on giving; all year long.  Sacred gifts that nourish families over a lifetime.  There will be venison tenderloins, chops, stew meat, roasts, and ground meat.  And while cranky shoppers wait to be seated at an over-crowded restaurant tonight, we’ll be eating:

Venison Chops

Herbed Red Potatoes

Brussel Sprouts

Homemade Bread

Honey Butter



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