Last week, Keith and I were out of town for a medical appointment.  Afterwards, I got to eat at one of my favorite, fast-food restaurants.  (Yes, I recognize the contradiction.)  Anyway, as I ate, I studied the other customers who surrounded us.  And as I did so, I recalled words from long ago…

“As more families no longer cook and no longer eat dinner together, at a table in a home without distractions, America will fall.”  These were not the words of a radical politician.  These were the words of an elderly and meek professor.  He insisted, “I will be dead when this happens, so write it down now.  I want you to remember I said it.  You have been forewarned.”

The year was 1986.  I was single, 19 years old, and this was the first day of my sophomore classes.  I stared back at the professor wide-eyed, like the rest of the students.  We sat in silence, shocked and confused.  He looked at us with disappointment and seemed to think we were a remedial group.  So, he simplified the instructions and said, “Just write it down.”

We opened our notebooks and gave quick, side-way glances to our neighbors.  Shoulders were shrugged, but we complied and wrote down his words.  However, I was not alone in thinking this old man had lost his mind.  How could my lack of cooking skills, bring the world’s greatest nation to her knees?  It seemed too hard to swallow.

Yet, decades later, his words keep coming back up.  And as a homesteader and mother, I still find myself chewing on them…



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