Years ago, I purchased this cast away for less than a dollar.  According to the label, it had been assembled by a heritage foundation.  The contents are now 25 years old.  Sadly, it’s unlikely to contain any true heritage seeds.  And even if it did, they’re unlikely to be viable.  Still, I keep it.

Why? This jar of seeds reminds me of the story of Esau:  Selling birthrights for fast food and quick fixes.  It also reminds me of the Prodigal Son:  Throwing away an entire inheritance for the allures of a “fun” and “easy” life.  Inevitably, there are painful consequences.

Fortunately, a handful of folks choose to live life, differently.  They are folks who work hard to preserve what’s most sacred.  They tend souls, hearts, relationships, and gardens in their own backyards.  They also pass on real life skills to the next generation.  And all the while, they fight to preserve their heritage, heirloom seeds, and livestock.  They are truly, their sisters’ and brothers’ keepers.

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