Timber here.  I’m on my way to pick up more pig and chicken feed.  They sure do eat a lot.  Guess, that’s to be expected.  It’s been really cold here, so they’re eating and burning more calories to keep from freezing to death.  Boy, it’s a good thing they have me around to keep an eye on ’em.  And it’s a good thing I helped put up lots of hay this year, too.  Don’t know how the cows, goats, and horses would’ve survived without it.   Anyways, I know you’re worried about me, too.  And I bet you’re wonderin’ how I handle such extreme weather.  Well, I eat a hardy breakfast that keeps me going strong, all day long.  But promise me, you won’t tell my canine cousins that I have a heated day shelter.  And I swear I’ll deny it, if you ever tell ’em I sleep inside with the bosses at night.

(Note: this photo of me was taken in the summer.  Trust me, if my tongue was hanging out the window now, it’d be a goner.)

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