Hen Golden Laced Wyandotte with yellow chick in nest BARLEY DARTS

Yes, Chicken Little, the sky is falling!  On Wednesday night, there was a sonic boom.  Then a bright, blue light filled the night sky.  A meteorite, from the Quadrantid meteor shower, had crash landed in our county.  Keith and I joked that reporters and scientists and U.F.O chasers would flock here.  We imagined they’d question eye-witnesses.  And we teased that we’d be prepared…

I’d wear an apron and Keith would wear his suspenders or overalls.  We’d stand in the hog pen, surrounded by our pigs.  Our cow would be in the background, chewing her cud.  I’d frantically point out all the strange tracks in the snow and swear that one of our goats had disappeared.  Meanwhile, Keith would keep a poker face.  And his Minnesotan voice would be without inflection: “There I was, slopping the hogs.  Ya betcha, I heard it.  Figured it was the neighbors’ fuel tank.  Ya sure, the sky lit up, like Ole’s face at the Muni.  Never seen anything like it.  Could be worse.  Not from ‘round here, are ya?.  Whatever.  Best come on in.  Ma’ll get ya some coffee and a bite to eat…


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