We’re thankful for the friends that gifted us this Kindred squash.  For many years, we’ve grown green, buttercup squash.  But, this was our first time eating Kindred.  It’s an orange shelled, buttercup squash with a green star on the end.  The flesh is also orange.  When cooked, the aroma is irresistible.  It has a creamy texture with a mild, sweet flavor.  Add butter and you have dinner.  Add butter toasted, candied walnut pieces and you have dessert.  Add with cream cheese and layer with lasagna noodles, then spinach with ricotta, onion, and bacon bits and you have a gourmet meal.  We highly recommend growing and sharing lots of buttercup squash.  They’re perfect for cold climates and packed with vital nutrients.  Not only do kids love them, so do all of our critters.  But, beware.  They don’t share them.  Instead, they fight over them.  And Lord help any animal that tries to take one away from our cow, Eliza.

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