Wait.  Meanwhile, save up some money.  Next, find and purchase a boar and a gilt.  Then feed the gilt and the boar, twice a day.  Wait about 6 months for the gilt to mature.  Then put her in with the boar.  Wait 1 to 2 cycles for them to mate.  Continue feeding the gilt and boar, twice a day.  Wait another 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days.  Then at 3:00 am count your piglets.  Next, feed your piglets, twice a day.  Wait 9 to 12 months.  Then harvest a pig or two.  Wait for the meat to cool.  Next, cut up your pork and fill a roasting pan.  Bake low and slow.  Wait again.  Remove most of the meat from the pan and cool.  Meanwhile, fill canning jars with the broth.  Process broth in a pressure canner.  Wait some more.  While you’re waiting, shred the meat, package it, and freeze it.  Repeat.  Then wait for a special day, just around the corner.  When it arrives, thaw the meat and heat it with the broth.  Wait one last time.  Then bless and share it with family and friends, knowing it was well worth all the wait.


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