“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.” Sir Francis Bacon

I took no photos on Saturday.  Why?  I got caught up in the excitement of a party and  I forgot.  Yes, I missed once-in-a-lifetime pictures.  And I could say that I have deep regrets.  Yet, that would be a lie.

Perhaps, I’m too tired to beat myself up.  Perhaps, I’m getting better at picking and choosing my battles.  Or perhaps, it’s something else…

Sixteen women gathered together on Main Street, in a corner cafe.  Each came from a different location, generation, marital status, economic class, religion, culture, lifestyle, political affiliation, or profession.  They sat together.  They ate together.  They played a game together.  They laughed together.  They shared life stories and secret dreams together.  They welcomed a soon-to-be bride, together.  And they departed having generously shared the beauty of time, presence, hope, peace, and joy.

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