“Another pig?!”  They squealed and continued, “Don’t you have enough already?!”  After the dazed and wild-eyed stares, came the pleading question, “Why?”  We weren’t surprised.  In fact, both Keith and I were used to such responses.  Fortunately, Keith patiently explained his reasons.  Unfortunately, we knew that any reason given, only provided more fuel.  It was fuel that fed more confusion and fiery retorts.  To them, this was confirmation that we’d lost our minds.  They looked at us, like we were suffering from Mad Cow Disease.  I smiled.  We weren’t buying another cow.  We were buying another pig.

Please don’t get me wrong.  Keith and I are very grateful for our friends and family.  We know they’re just looking out for us.  Besides, most Americans would have agreed that we were out of our minds.  In their books, even one pig is too many.  Alas, we had four pigs and two were pregnant.  A few days later, there’d be an additional dozen.  So, why on God’s green earth, did the two of us need to buy another pig?  The answer was simple.  Natasha was different.  She was a Berkshire.

Now a year later, Natasha’s all grown up and pregnant.  She will give birth in a few weeks.  And guess what?  We’re going to have more than just “another pig”!

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