How much food do you eat every year?  Don’t know?  Well, thanks to the Google god, you can find out with the press of a button.  Unfortunately, you can’t eat Google and you should know this stuff.  BEWARE!  It may shock and offend you.  And you’ll most likely deny it, too.  Statistically, you eat five and a half pounds of food; every day.  Seriously.  That’s just you.  It doesn’t include your family members.  Add that up for twelve months and you’ll get 1996 pounds.  That’s nearly one ton of food every year.[1]    Yet, this post  is not about dieting or eating too much food.


Perhaps, you’ve talked about donating a ton of food to a third-world country.  Maybe, you’ve said you’re getting a ton of food at Walmart, as you’ve filled your cart with cheap pizzas.  Maybe, you’ve raved about the ton of food, at the local all-you-can-eat buffet.  Sadly, you may have made fun of America’s obese, by saying they eat a ton of food every day.  Less likely, you’ve ordered a ton of feed at the elevator for livestock.  But, have you ever talked about an actual ton of food for yourself?  Do you know what an actual ton of food looks like?

Yes, one ton of food can be hard to imagine and growing it is definitely a challenge.  Then again, starving to death is hard to imagine and morbid obesity and urban, food deserts are challenging, too.  Alas, there’s no arguing that to live, we need food.  However, who grows it, the type, the quantity, and the quality have and will continue to be sources of heated debate.  Meanwhile, we work hard to stay in touch with our own food; every day.  And believe it or not, it ranges from about five and a half pounds to a ton, per day!



[1] (Aubrey, 2011)

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