This vacant homestead is a couple of miles up the road from our own.  The humble little shack on the far left, was likely the house.  To the far right, is the modest barn that may have sheltered a working horse and a milk cow.  The two small sheds in between, may have housed chickens and a workshop.

Year after year, these remnants continue to endure our bitter, winter storms with strong, north winds.  And year after year, I marvel at the skills of the folks that built it; all by hand.  I marvel at their lives of endurance, their sacrifices, their blood, their sweat, and their tears.  I marvel that America’s very foundation was built this way; one rock, one stick, one day, and one life at a time.  And I marvel that it was built with the help of family, friends, neighbors, churches, and communities; from one generation to the next.

Meanwhile, I marvel at modern Americans.  They have ample free time.  Yet, instead of helping one another, they live to rip each other apart.  And the only thing they work hard to do, is to tear our communities and country down.  Few, if any, understand what it actually took to build it all up.  In fact, few have the skills to build anything at all, besides chaos.  And even fewer sow anything, besides discord.  Alas, even the remaining remnants of yesteryear, may not weather and endure even one more generation…


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