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Welcome to Barley Darts.  We’re Shae and Keith Grund.  We know real life has always been a battle.  For most, it’s a day to day fight for survival.  Lives are at stake.  The fights can be brutal.  Often, shit flies.  Warning!  We use it to grow fodder and food for thought.  We’ll write about it, too.  After all, it’s been said that the pen is mightier than the dart.   Oops.  Sword.  Regardless, we promise to make ours extra-pointy and aim, true.

We blog from the banks of Peppermint Creek.  Our homestead is on 160 acres.  It’s a mix of woodland and pasture.  Where?  Way up North in Minnesota.  We’re on the border of Canada (48.7175 Latitude).  We live in a small 1900’s ghost town called, Pitt.  Ghosts?  Maybe.  Population: A few +1.  Water surrounds us.  At one time, our land was covered by Glacial Lake Agassiz.

Keith grew up nearby, farming and logging.  His family has lived in Minnesota for five generations.  Uffda!  Keith is a heavy equipment operator.  His specialty is a motor grader.  In his spare time, Keith enjoys hunting and repairing fences.  Just kidding.  He enjoys hunting.

Shae was born way down in Dixie.  The Gulf coast has been her family’s home for more than seven generations.  Shae went to school in the cornfields of Indiana.  Her degree is from Purdue.  Yet, her most important teachers weren’t professors.  They were skilled adults and innocent children; all without high school diplomas.  She enjoys writing.

Keith and Shae have a blended family.  Together, we have four sons. Shae homeschooled her kids. All have flown the coop.  We are empty nesters. We still tend each other’s hearts and wood fires. We also tend our livestock, gardens, and honeybees.  We treasure wholesome faith, family, friends, and food.

Friends are always welcome here at Barley Darts.  Just prepare yourselves!  This is a real life blog.   It’s not for the faint of heart.


“…that many wearing rapiers are afraid of goose quills.”- Shakespeare