ks Barley Darts


A new year will begin, before I finish writing this post.  And as the ball drops in a noisy Times Square, things here on the homestead will be quiet.  In fact, all our critters went to bed early.  Speaking of which, Keith’s sleeping, too.  And while I’m exhausted tonight, I’m still awake and staring at this photo, wondering…

How did fifty-years, pass so quickly?

Why do I see my mother and father staring back at me?

How did a little girl from Dixie end up homesteading, on the Canadian border?

What will we look like in another ten, or twenty years?

When will our future home be built?

Will any of our kids embrace the hardships of this lifestyle?

And why am I still typing, when I could be in bed asleep?


Wishing you many blessings for 2018!