Whew!  Fencing is hard work.  Thanks to me, the bosses got the perimeter of the hay field done.  Now, the horses have extra pasture.  You should’ve seen them run and kick up their heels.  I mean the horses, not the bosses.  I doubt the bosses could run at their age.  Anyway, the horses acted like they’d never seen grass before.  Guess it’s just always greener on the other side.

Yeah, I don’t know what the homestead would do without me.  I’ve covered a lot of territory this summer.  Sounds like we’ll be fencing again this weekend.  Got a couple of one acre lots to subdivide.  The bosses said something about rotating pigs.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it has anything to do with eating roast pork.  Darn!  Just the thought of it makes my mouth water.

By the way, you see that picture down there?  That’s MY insulator being installed!  Personally, I thought it looked kind of off-center.  What do you think?  Man, I hope the boss man finally got it straight.  Nothing worse than crooked fence posts and insulators.  After all, my reputation is at stake.






Timber here!  Never mind Maya.  She thinks Senior Guard Dog was a promotion.  Yeah, right.  I say it’s a demotion ’cause she’s old and cranky.  Why else would the bosses bring me on board?  No way can she keep up with me.  I run circles around her and everyone else.

It’s just a matter of time before I take the old gal’s job.  Then I’ll be in charge of everything!  Hate to say it, but I deserve it.  I’m young, good-lookin’, and talented.  And did I mention, I’m smart, too?

This new job came with a relocation package.   So, I must have been promoted.  And it’s almost an international job.  I’m doing pretty good for myself, if you know what I mean. My first boss was a really great guy!  He taught me everything I know.  But there was more out there for me.  And a cubicle just wasn’t cutting it.

Let me tell ya, I love my new office with a view!  If only everyone here could be a team player.  That’s okay.  I’ll teach them how to run this joint sooner or later.  And the nightlife?  It’s really, wild!