Yes, I’m a bull moose.  Though, in some parts of the world, I’m also called an Elk.  But, I am different from American Elk.  I’m also not part of a herd and I prefer the solitary life.  My ancestors go back at least 4000 years.  I’m a vegetarian and look innocent enough.  However, I am the largest member of the deer family and weigh on average ½ ton.  I have attacked more humans than wolves and bears combined.[1]

Here in NW Minnesota, it’s Fall and I’m on the move.  I don’t mind you looking, but keep your distance and stay out of my way.  I’m on a tight schedule for mating season.  Competition is serious and available cow moose can be hard to find.  Speaking of cows, I am not a bovine.  Please don’t feed me hay.  All that fiber can be lethal.  It’s one of the reasons why I’m not easy to domesticate.  I’m a wild forager and truly, need to find my own food.  In fact, I’m quite talented at it.  I can walk on my hind legs to reach something tasty.  And I also eat while underwater.  No other deer can do that.

[1] (wikipedia, n.d.)